We are not newbies,

we haven't come out of the blue.

We have knowledge and experience

since we have worked in well-known

agencies for well-known brands.


We Achived the quantuum era of The

NEW AGE OF Quantuum machinec

ALL you need for this device are a few simple PARTS

And Offcourse an application.


You have demands and we have

ambition, imagination and tools

to match them. That’s three to one

to us. It just can’t go wrong!


What we do must appeal to you,

be functional and not imitative.

We don’t copy, we don’t model

ourselves on anybody, we don’t

accept mediocrity.

Smooth animations? Pixel perfect?

Bring it and let’s cook!


Tehnomagic is the era of Quantuum machine

IT RUNS on The application SLATESTABA That you may get on G-PLAY


It will be a great pleasure

to do something for marketing rebels

who are not afraid of a new approach

and revolutionary solutions.

We say goodbye to conservatives

who are in favour of hallway

usability tests and focus groups.

We are done with polite projects.


BASMETAL D:O:O: Zagreb, 10020

Rastočka 18

TEL +385 914455954